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Applicants must fill out an application in order to be considered for assistance.

​All applications will be reviewed individually.

All applicants must assist the NII board in their consideration of their application by furnishing supporting documentation, including, but not limited to photographs, medical records, contact information for medical providers, case workers, personal references and records of any kind related to their application.

​After your application for assistance has been reviewed, an interview will be scheduled to discuss your needs and future plan. After the interview, the Board will review your case. Please understand that we would love to help every individual that requests assistance, but unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to help every individual or family.

Nothing Is Impossible partners with several other non profits in the community to try and help each applicant stay connected to services that are needed.

Average assistance can be up to $750.00 per applicant depending on request and financial assistance.

Non-Discrimination Statement: “ Nothing Is Impossible, Inc.  helps those in need without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender or sexual orientation”.


  • Must be a resident of Morris, Sussex, or Warren County in New Jersey;

  • Must show a specific financial need and temporary crisis;

  • Must show a demonstrated plan of why this situation is temporary and

  • Must provide a list of other agencies the applicant has contacted for assistance, and why       assistance was denied, or not fully funded.



Please click the link below for our online application

Please click the link below and submit our application

Please click the link below to fill out financial information

Randi McGivney

Nothing Is Impossible, Inc.

c/o McGivney Kluger Clark & Intoccia, P.C.

18 Columbia Turnpike

Suite 300

Florham Park, NJ  07932

If you are in need of immediate help, please call 211, or click on their website:

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