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Bridge to Independence Program

Nothing Is Impossible, Inc. believes in helping families in a time of temporary crisis. A medical or financial tragedy can strike any one of our friends and neighbors at any time.  Many of our neighbors in NJ are living paycheck to paycheck. One unforeseen event can cause them to slip further into financial crisis.


At NII, we step in to provide a step up to prevent members of our community from falling through the cracks. We help those who feel hopeless and have nowhere else to turn. Nothing Is Impossible provides financial assistance to families impacted by a temporary financial crisis, medical crisis, or catastrophic event. Financial assistance includes but is not limited to; medical expenses not covered by health insurance (medically necessary procedures, medical devices or other services), rent or mortgage payment assistance, utilities, assistance to people with physical disabilities, or other expenses that we feel are necessary to help the applicant become more self sufficient again.

The help that Nothing Is Impossible gives is often the last piece of the puzzle for many individuals and families, and the hardest piece to find sometimes! We partner with many non profits in the community to fill the gap and help individuals and families get back on their feet again.

We strengthen our communities because “Nothing Is Impossible”.

How We Help

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